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Waterproof Communication System


Forward WIP is introducing a new level of waterproof communication, with protection, for action sport.
After long study of market requirements and the different communication systems, we are please to present a full range of 3 different communication systems, each aiming at a different usage.

Few things to know:

Duplex/Simplex: Duplex communication is open live communication between several people, Simplex is one way communication where you use push to talk (PTT) like VHF or a walkie talkie
Waterproofing: IPX7 is 100% waterproof for 30min at 1m maximum depth
In over 15 knots of wind, your communication starts to become really difficult at 3 to 4 meters
Marine salt water is very agressive, you absolutely need to rinse your audio coms system after use to keep it working properly. Any equipment with signs of salt Oxydation won't be taken under warranty.

The perfect solution for <300m duplex open communication for up to 4 people

Target use: On board Yacht communication (Skipper and crew) / Coach-trainee communication / Solo Phone communication+ music system
Technology: Bluetooth High Res duplex communication with noise cancelling
Benefits: Light and small multi-user communication system with phone bluetooth communication at reasonnable price
How to use?: Press on the side button:
you can use it one to one, as open duplex talk communication within maxi 250 meters open field.
You can answer a phone call (your phone being in a waterproof case sync by bluetooth)
You can listen to music via your phone
With a master unit, you can link up to 4 BBT systems to set up a network within a perimiter of 70 meters , but in this case, you cannot be sync to your phone.
Typical Application:
Over 30' yacht communication for crew (mast climbing, anchoring, Skipper to n°1 in Regatta …)
Kite surfing coach to trainee for Kite launching and starting phase close to shore
Kite/windsurf/sailing boat teams willing to be in contact to receive instruction or exchange information
Kite/windsurf enthusiast willing to stay in contact with shore/familly/friends via waterproof mobile phone
Price: Helmet+ Communication system <300€ TTC per unit
Accessories: Wipper BBT helmet / Pro Wip BBT Helmet / BBT Hat / BBT coach Headset (none waterproof)

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How to install BBT speaker in the Wipper water helmet ?

How to install BBT communication unit in the Forward Impact vest 50N ?

The perfect solution for long distance >1000m Simplex communication 

Application: Communication between several boats / Coach-trainee long distance Communication
Technology: VHF Simplex communication with noise reduction.
Benefits: Long distance universal VHF communication system.
How to use?: You set your VHF in your Forward impact vest or VHF Sleeve and wear your helmet. By pressing the side PPT button, you can talk to all the group listening to the selected VHF channel
Typical Application:
Group of dinghies/catamarans training together, easy to decide to tack, to group or give the next direction
Sailing coach giving live instruction to trainee crew on boat setting/direction, and easy to group for next action
Skipper/tactician on a racing sailing boat listening to regatta referee instruction
Link referees driving motor fast boats.
Price: Helmet+ Communication system <700€ TTC per unit
Accessories: Wipper WIP-COM helmet / Pro Wip WIP-COM Helmet / ICOM IPX7 Speaker / ICOM M73 VHF IPX8 / ICOM M35 flotable VHF IPX8

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The perfect solution for professional team duplex communication for up to 6 people

Application: On board professional Yacht communication (Skipper and crew) / Coach-trainee communication up to 500m
Technology: RF douplex communication with wind noise cancelling
Vokkero is the leader in football and team sport referee communication. This is the best system for audio signal
treatment and noise reduction as in a big stadium…
Most of America's cup team or large sailing yachts are using this technology
You can set up a group of up to 6 people enabling you to program roles eg. who can only listen, talk or both.
Forward WIP is bringing a new level of waterproofness and helmet integration for marine applications.
Benefits: Superior duplex audio quality with unit role programmability. Very easy to use.
How to use: program each of the units and set up a network.
Typical Application:
On board communication for professional team sailing at high speed.
Coach/team communication in rough sea with high winds.
Price: Helmet+ Communication system <1700€ TTC per unit
Accessories: Wipper WIP-EVO3 watter helmet / Pro Wip WIP-EVO3 sailing Helmet / PIR020 audio system / EVO3 Silicone waterprotection sleeve / None waterproof coach ear pluh audio system

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